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Hi, I’m Justin Renner, the owner of Renner Heating & Air. I began my HVAC career in 2004 and received my diploma from Air Conditioning Technical Institute in Las Vegas. From that point on, I have worked in the Heating and Air Conditioning trade. In late 2005, my career led me to Vacaville, Ca. Here, I met my amazing and supportive wife of 12 years and we have 3 wonderful children. I then worked locally in Solano County, for other Heating and Air companies, performing service and installation. One of which, for 8 years, I was was a service technician that also offered replacement solutions. After that, I joined the Local 39 Stationary Engineer union and started working at David Grant Medical Center, at Travis Air Force Base. At that time, I also received my California State Contractors License and started Renner Heating & Air as a supplemental business. For 7.5 years, I performed all the maintenance and repairs for every critical piece of HVAC equipment that supplied the hospital and surrounding buildings. This included equipment that served the OR’s, ICU, Server Rooms, Patient Recovery, Covid Ward, and other Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms. In 2022, I decided to expand my business and run it full time to offer excellent service to those in need of a good experienced tech that’s polite, respectful and trust-worthy right here in Solano County. 

What makes us unique?

Why Choose Us

Availability & Communication

We try our hardest to be available to answer your calls or, if we are assisting someone at the moment, we will absolutely return your calls as soon as possible. If you have questions for Justin, call his direct cell @ 707-416-9239


Certified is an understatement. If you are experiencing an odd problem, there’s only so many ways an AC or Furnace can fail. I’ve seen just about every way in my career, plus I like the challenge, so we’ll spend the time to figure it out if its not an easy fix. 

Quality, Not Quantity

Our prices are FAIR. I may not be the absolute cheapest, because I believe, that what I do, has value. Quality work is more important to me than cutting corners. I’m a big believer that you get what you pay for. I don’t want a warranty issue to change your perception of me.

Excellent Service

We promise to be on time when we say we will, do what we say we will do, honor our work, have pride in our work, make a positive impact, listen to your concerns, and make you feel good about your decision when you chose us, to be “Your HVAC guy.”


The new BUZZ WORD in town. California is transitioning toward clean electricity-powered appliances to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state. Buildings and homes account for 25% of the state’s gas emissions and according to the Building Decarbonization Coalition, two-thirds of which comes from burning fossil fuels such as propane and natural gas. California will require 100% carbon free electricity in 2045 and 60% of CA’s energy to be generated from renewable resources by 2030. The CA energy commission is assessing how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030. One good way to reduce your carbon impact and save upwards of $1500 up front and hundreds of dollars annually is by installing a heat pump instead of a gas furnace. Going hybrid is another option by utilizing a heat pump condenser outside and a gas furnace inside that is only ran as a backup emergency heat source only. Most of the time, your heat pump will run giving you both heating and cooling capability. Ducted mini split heat pumps are another very effective and energy efficient way to heat and cool your home without using gas. These systems can reach seer ratings in the mid 20s and an HSPF rating of 10 or more. The higher the ratings, the more energy efficient. Ask us about installing a heat pump, hybrid or ducted/ductless mini split heat pump.

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