Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Quality Installations
We take pride in our work.


Not Just Your Average Training & Certification.

Renner Heating & Air has received some of the highest HVAC training and certification that meet critical standards required to work in healthcare environments.

What's Healthcare have to do with my home A/C?

Well, healthcare requires some of the strictest standards when it comes to HVAC. I will use the same care, precision and urgency when it comes to your home A/C and Furnace.

Serving Solano County Since 2015

I have serviced and installed hundreds of Hvac systems since acquiring my license to contract in 2015.

I have spent years working as a Civilian Union Stationary Engineer, performing critical HVAC duties for our military service men and women at a prestigious military hospital here in town. I was honored to support your efforts and your mission. Any active duty, veteran, or first responder will receive 15% off. Thank you all for your service.

Our goal now is to grow, expand and provide excellent service for many years to come. Please don’t hesitate to support a locally owned and operated HVAC business right here in Vacaville.

Core Values

Skilled labor is hard to come by today. It’s hard to find good technicians and installers that know what they are doing and take the time to do it right. Having pride in your work and doing what’s right every single time should be abundant qualities amongst all contractors. Sadly, it’s not. If there’s one thing we’re certain of, is that those values exist at Renner Heating & Air. We will always try our best to be thorough, to be mindful of your concerns and to provide the best quality service we possibly can.

Air Conditioner & Furnace repair

We would love the opportunity to help you keep your system running as long as possible. If that’s what’s best for you. We keep most common parts in stock. Sometimes replacement is the best option, but sometimes it’s just a simple fix. 


Repair Warranty

All repairs will be backed by a 1 year – part and labor warranty. Diagnostic will be waived if any part fails under warranty within 60 days. Refrigerant is not covered under any warranty. Any system with an active leak should have leak repaired or located.

System Design & Installation

If you have made the educated decision to replace your heating and air, let us design a system with 100% of your concerns in mind. My goal is to educate and make the process seamless and to your satisfaction.



Ask About Our Hybrid Heat Pump Systems

Most can benefit from a hybrid system. This allows you to heat your home, utilizing the heat pump, until the outside temp drops below a given threshold. Then it switches to the gas furnace when it becomes too inefficient to run properly.  

Air Conditioner & Furnace Maintenance

A thorough cleaning is a good way to make sure your equipment is running efficiently. We will check the pressure, tighten it all down and check its performance. If any concerns, we can let you know, or we can take care of it another day. Always, no pressure!



Renner Air Care

  • $12 per month (perpetual)
  • Semi Annual Maintenance 
  • 20% Discount On All Repairs
  • $35 On Future Diagnostics
  • Diagnostic Waived W/Repairs
  • Up to $1500 off new system

We're a one stop shop

There are many services we provide that are catered to homeowners in need. Wether you have a refrigerant leak, that one bedroom just doesn’t quite get enough airflow, hot and cold spots in your home, or just flat out doesn’t turn on. We do it all and we’re good at it too.

How much Is This Going To Cost Me?

The average HVAC repair cost in California is typically between $200-$600 dollars, depending on what needs to be repaired. Of course, larger repairs such as a compressor, evaporator coil or a refrigerant leak could exceed those values. Refrigerant that is not mass produced any longer such as R-22, can get very expensive to recharge. In that situation, it’s best to consider replacement of your air conditioning system. We can perform a refrigerant leak check with dye+UV light and sealant or other methods such as an electronic leak detector if the leak is substantial. Some leaks are not fixable and in that case, replacement of that section would be required. We will help guide you in the direction that makes the most sense for you and your situation. 

Estimate To Replace Your HVAC System


Schedule a free estimate today and this service includes:

Design & Evaluate
Take Measurements
Provide Solutions
Offer Financing

Diagnostic To Repair Your HVAC System


Diagnostic waived if repairs exceed $450. The diagnostic includes:

A Licensed And Experienced Technician
A Thorough Analysis Of Your Problem
Provide Options To Repair Or Replace
1 Year Warranty On Parts

A/C & Furnace Maintenance ($75 each)


We will service both units at the same time, or separately if preferred.

Analyze System Performance
Temperature And Pressure Checks
Wash Outside Coil
Component Check And Testing

Need better Filtration?

Keeping your Furnace, Coils and Ductwork clean is extremely Important! Making sure your filter fits properly and is changed or washed regularly can literally save you money on your utility bills AND increase the longevity of your system. 


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